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Any time you have to contact an attorney, it can be a time of stress but especially so when your liberty, your job, or your home is at risk. With over ten years’ experience as a public defender, Juneau criminal lawyer Yvette Soutiere has the experience you need when you are charged with a crime. She has defended those charged with a range of offenses from murder and sexual offenses to hunting and fishing violations. She has ample experience defending DUI cases, both alcohol and drug-related. As a solo-practitioner, she works closely with her clients, addressing their individual needs and concerns in a timely and thoughtful manner. Her immigration and aviation experience make her acutely aware of the collateral consequences that may result from criminal charges and she works hard to avoid the devastating effects those can have on your life. Her primary goal is to obtain the best possible result for you, within your individual needs.

Criminal Law

When you are being investigated for or charged with a crime, you need someone who is on your side, ready to explore all the options, to investigate matters when the police have failed, to listen to your individual needs, and to fight for the best outcome for you. Ms. Soutiere has worked in the field of criminal law for over ten years. Her experience began with a law school internship with the Alaska Public Defender Agency in Kotzebue, and she immediately knew she wanted to make Alaska her home and legal defense her profession. She worked for the Alaska Public Defender Agency for over seven years and for the Office of Public Advocacy for nearly four years. The bulk of her criminal practice involved high-level felonies. Ms. Soutiere is as adept at litigating a fish and game violation as she is a first-degree murder accusation.

Serious Violent Felonies and Murder

Juneau criminal attorney Yvette Soutiere has defended hundreds of individuals against charges of assault, kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder. She listens to her clients in order to get to the heart of the matter so that she can provide the most effective defense. She also has the experience to quickly identify issues that need to be brought before the court before trial even starts. Litigating such issues beforehand can result in charge reductions, suppression of evidence, or even a dismissal. If your case does go to trial, Ms. Soutiere will rely on her extensive past trial experience to anticipate the prosecutor’s strategy and to achieve the best outcome possible for her client.

Fish and Game Violations

Fish and Game regulations are incredibly complicated in Alaska. The vast regional differences in the geography, land use, and local practices in our state further complicate matters. Fish and Game violations, when handled incorrectly, can result in loss of income, loss of licenses, and loss of your ability to generate future income. For out of state visitors, convictions in Alaska may lead to out of state loss of license due to the Wildlife Violator Compact. Ms. Soutiere understands the myriad issues and is able to avoid common pitfalls others miss. Ms. Soutiere has represented clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, including visitors, local and out of state guides, sport and commercial fishermen.

Driving Under the Influence

Alaska DUI laws are strict and result in heavy fines, loss of license, and jail time. A DUI can involve either alcohol or drugs, including marijuana. If you are charged with DUI, you need someone who is able to identify issues with your case and to litigate those issues successfully. In a drug-based DUI, specialized knowledge is a must for effective defense. With two bachelor’s of science degrees to her name, Ms. Soutiere is especially qualified at identifying and skilled at litigating the complex issues in drug DUI cases.

Controlled Substance Crimes

In addition to specializing in drug-based DUIs, Juneau criminal lawyer Yvette Soutiere uses her expertise in defending those accused of violating state and/or federal controlled substance laws. While other lawyers might be qualified at litigating simple drug cases, Ms. Soutiere possesses a scientific background that enables her to dig deeper, often producing information that other lawyers are not equipped to spot. This specific knowledge can become critically important when issues involving laboratory procedure and drug purity are in question.

Domestic Violence – Criminal and Civil

Domestic violence crimes carry extensive life-altering consequences. In civil Domestic Violence Protective Order proceedings, a judgment against you for a 1-year DVPO can have similar collateral consequences as being convicted of a domestic violence assault. Ms. Soutiere can help you navigate the civil DVPO proceedings with an outlook to minimizing your exposure to criminal charges, while also minimizing the adverse collateral consequences of being subject to a long-term protective order. If you are charged criminally, Ms. Soutiere will listen to your needs and concerns in order to reach an outcome that fits your particular situation.

Juvenile Delinquency

In Alaska, juveniles (commonly between the ages of 12 to 18), may be charged in a delinquency case. These juvenile crimes can affect a minor well into adulthood and they need to be addressed as seriously as one would address an adult’s case. Ms. Soutiere will work on your child’s delinquency case as diligently she does on any other criminal case. She will review the evidence for possible suppression issues, negotiate with your child’s future in mind, and assess the case individually for trial.

Environmental Law

As a former chemical analyst at the now-remediated Rocky Flats nuclear weapons facility in Colorado, Ms. Soutiere has extensive hands-on, industry-grounded experience navigating through the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA, commonly known of as Superfund). During law school, she focused on toxic torts and hazardous waste: in particular, the criminal implications that arise when working with materials deemed hazardous by federal, state, and local governments.

Environmental issues typical to Alaska include:

  • Leaking or damaged storage tanks, both underground and above ground
  • Remediation of scrapyards or junkyards
  • Mining waste
  • Illegal discharge of waste into water
  • Air emissions of toxic pollutants due to inadequate or non-existent pollution control systems

Ms. Soutiere can help you navigate through the minefield of environmental regulations in order to keep you on the right side of the law, and she can fight for you if you have been charged with an environmental crime or implicated in a lawsuit.

Immigration Law

In more recent years, immigration law has become a minefield for those who attempt to adjust their status on their own. Applications may be rejected for the simplest of reasons. Applicants may find themselves flagged by the U.S. Government simply for applying to adjust their status due to a criminal conviction or even any involvement with law enforcement. Ms. Soutiere specializes in the collateral consequences of criminal convictions upon immigration status and adjustment of status. She can also help with a wide variety of immigration issues including green cards, visas, and citizenship. Due to her criminal expertise, she is the ideal choice for those seeking asylum as well as for those on ICE holds and deportation proceedings.

Aviation Law

As a private pilot, Ms. Soutiere understands that you have worked hard for your license and you want to protect it. She is knowledgeable about the collateral consequences of criminal convictions and other matters that may affect your ability to fly.

Her specific practice areas include:

  • FAA Pilot Enforcement Matters
  • FAA DUI/DWI Pilot Licensing/Medical Matters
  • Medical Deferral/Denials
  • FAA Medical Certificate Matters
  • Pilot Substance Abuse Matters and HIMS
  • Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, under 55-pound Drone Operations, Small UAS Part 107 Matters, and Remote Pilot Enforcement
  • Other criminal defense matters

If you are facing criminal charges, have pending immigration matters or simply wish to adjust your immigration status, or are concerned about the collateral consequences of criminal convictions, DVPOs, or even pending litigation, please call (907) 586-4000. Yvette Soutiere serves all the communities in Southeast Alaska as well as the Alaska Bush communities in the Yukon Flats, Bering Straits, and NANA Region. Free consultation for all criminal and immigration matters.

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Attorney T. Yvette Soutiere
T. Yvette Soutiere

Ms. Soutiere has over 10 years’ successful experience in criminal and civil law. She has worked with both the Alaska Public Defender Agency and the Alaska Office of Public Advocacy. She expertly and efficiently identifies legal issues that can lead to suppression of evidence and even dismissal of criminal charges and, in civil cases, result in favorable outcomes.

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