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Juneau criminal lawyer Yvette Soutiere practices all over Alaska, serving Southeast Alaska communities in particular. She has over ten years’ experience in all aspects of criminal and parental representation, and extensive experience with both minor and adult guardianships. Though Ms. Soutiere’s practice mostly centers around the major aspects of criminal and immigration defense, she is willing to take certain family law cases.

Ms. Soutiere has structured her practice in order to best address collateral consequences and unforeseen results that may occur. A few examples include: non-citizens charged with crimes or implicated in domestic violence may face immigration consequences, a hunting guide charged with a wildlife offense must consider the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, a domestic violence restraining order can severely impact child custody in a divorce, and a conviction for Driving Under the Influence will adversely affect a pilot’s license.

Criminal Defense

When you are charged with or being investigated for a crime, whether you are an adult or a minor, you need someone with experience on your side. Hiring a good criminal attorney in Juneau or elsewhere in Alaska helps you to navigate through the system, from the time of your arraignment, through negotiations with the state and even trial. Ms. Soutiere was a public defender for the state of Alaska for over ten years before moving to private practice. She represents people charged with everything from driving and wildlife offenses to sexual offenses and murder. She is particularly skilled in cases involving illegal drug trafficking, assault and domestic violence, and Fish & Game cases. Her practice area involves both Alaska State and Federal defense.

Immigration Law

If you are a non-citizen charged with a crime, involved in a parental representation case, or seeking to adjust your status, you need an attorney to help you navigate through the system. Ms. Soutiere’s particular experience is helping those charged with or convicted of criminal offenses navigate the immigration minefield. Family immigration cases are also welcome.

Aviation Law

When you are charged with a crime, collateral consequences can be devastating. Few are more devastating than those affecting your pilot license. Juneau criminal attorney Yvette Soutiere understands this very specialized area and, should you be charged with a crime that could affect your pilot’s license, you need someone who understands how best to protect and preserve that license.

Environmental Law

In Alaska, environmental issues can be particularly difficult to address due to our mining and marine history as well as the difficulties caused by our particular climate and location. Ms. Soutiere has both educational and industry experience in the field of toxic torts, in particular, those activities that may result in criminal liability due to chemical releases into the environment. Ms. Soutiere has state experience defending pollution crimes. She is also available to consult with respect to your potential liability for a pollution release and how best to address an issue before it becomes an actual liability to you.


Ms. Soutiere may be contacted by phone at (907) 586-4000 or email at Call or email today for a free 30 minute consultation with a criminal lawyer in the Juneau area.