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Representative Cases

Male client was charged with domestic violence assault on his wife. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he was out of status. Ms. Soutiere deftly negotiated a settlement in the criminal case which avoided the extreme risk of trial while laying the foundation for relief from removal in immigration proceedings. The client remains in the country legally.

Client charged with manslaughter and first-degree assault and faced a possible 20-year sentence on each count. After weeks of investigation and negotiation, client resolved the case as a single count of criminally negligent homicide and served a two-year sentence.

Client’s estranged partner claimed domestic violence and was awarded a 20-day ex-parte protective order. The particular facts, as claimed by the petitioner, could have resulted in a charge of felony assault. Ms. Soutiere and her investigator carefully combed through the evidence and discovered that her client was innocent. Working with the police, Ms. Soutiere turned over the evidence that the client had provided and successfully kept the state from charging a false domestic violence assault. Later, the protective order was also dismissed by the judge.